Separate text need from not need it

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Hi i have below information where have information that i do not need, for sample lines from 1 to 4 and what i need is only description in line 5 (the logic is for each empty cell i am going to need the above description, and put in another cell, so it is the same rule for all file ) i wonder if you can help me with some formula



Linessddd COL1 Description
11 1Servicios de importacion en USD
21 2Servicios de importacion en USD - Se
31 3Servicios de importacion en USD - Servic
41 4Servicios de importacion en USD - Servicios
51 5Servicios de importacion en USD - Servicios de impo
71 1Servicio especializado de soporte tecnic
81 2Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico par
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Hi @yobas


Does the attached file help?

or this one (which references blanks on the next row)



@Wyn Hopkins wrote:

or this one (which references blanks on the next row)



Thank you very much,


I attached a sample, Bold line is the one requiered, so i need to separe this line from the rest of the text (So later i can sort and get only thie required data)


32Servicios de 
43Servicios de i
54Servicios de im
65Servicios de importacion
81Servicio especializado 
92Servicio especializado de
103Servicio especializado de s
114Servicio especializado de so
125Servicio especializado de sopo
136Servicio especializado de soport
147Servicio especializado de soporte
158Servicio especializado de soporte t
169Servicio especializado de soporte te
1710Servicio especializado de soporte tec
1811Servicio especializado de soporte tecni
1912Servicio especializado de soporte tecnic
2013Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico 
2114Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico p
2215Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico pa
2316Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico par
2417Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico para 
272Tarjetas d
283Tarjetas de 
294Tarjetas de p
305Tarjetas de pre
316Tarjetas de pres
327Tarjetas de prese
338Tarjetas de presen
349Tarjetas de presenta
3510Tarjetas de presentac
3611Tarjetas de presentaci
3712Tarjetas de presentacion 

Thank you, but in second group did not work


COL1 Formula
1Servicios de importacion en USD - Servic 
2Servicios d 
3Servicios de importacion 
4Servicios de importacion e 
5Servicios de importacionServicios de importacion
1Servicio especializado de soporte tecnic 
2Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico 
3Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico 
4Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico 
5Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico 
6Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico 
7Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico 
8Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico 
9Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico 
10Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico 
11Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico 
12Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico 
13Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico 
14Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico 
15Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico 
16Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico 
17Servicio especializado de soporte tecnico  DOES NOT WORK HERE
Did you copy the formula down? Are you able to attach the file or if not then a screenshot?

Hello Wyn


Sure i did, i have attached the file with formula, it seems to be near of the solution, i think this formula require some adjusments or i am doing something wrong. Because it worked in the first group of data, but in the second not (It was un blank as well). Do you know why in the Second group of date it did not work ?

Hi @yobas


The cell wasn't actually blank, there was a space there


So I've updated the formula to handle spaces too



Hi Wyn


Excellent, thank you very much, it seems to worked, however, when i copy formula and paste as value, and i try to sort (To delete blank espaces)  it change the description to "#¿NOMBRE?" in another cells, even in description field as well, do you know how can. i fix this

I note that the cells empty are not empty, putting a filter i see values like #¡REF¡ and  #¿NOMBRE?, how can i do that the "empty cells" will be really empty

Can you attach a sample file please?

Thank you


In second tab, is information without sort, the third is sorted, in column E i need to deleted blank spaces and leave only the ones with text

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