send picture to background so I can still use cells

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I have a technical drawing that I need to insert site specific dimensions. How can I send picture of drawing to background so I can type dimension into cell? Tried using "send to back" function but cells still blocked.


Attic Drawing.PNG

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A picture is always on top of the cells layer. If you want to be able to enter something in/on the picture, you could place text boxes with No Fill on top of the picture.

@Hans Vogelaar 

Thank you for the quick reply. Thought that might be solution but didnt see text box option. Found it & works exactly as needed.





It is possible to insert an image as the background to a sheet from the Page Layout Ribbon Tab.  Things to bear in mind are that this creates a tiled background so any image free part of the worksheet has to be achieved by having white space within the inserted image.  You would also need to hide the rows/columns beyond the image boundary. 


It could work, but overlaid images or text boxes would be more reliable.  e.g.