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I am new to Excel. I have taken a class, but I still feel so new at implementing what I've learned. My question seems so simple, but I am having a hard time trying to figure it out, I'd appreciate any help.


I have a table of contractors and their order information in rows. How can I pull out a narrowed list of individual contractors and all of their order information (multiple columns of info)? I have seen how this can be done in Access and Google Sheets with a Query function. How do I do it in Excel?

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There are multiple ways to achieve that and it depends on you that which method you are comfortable with.


1) You can have a dropdown list of all the Contractors in a Cell on another worksheet, place the header of all the columns of your data in an empty row and then use an Array Formula Index/Small to pull all the related data for the contractor you selected in the dropdown.


2) You can use Advanced Filter to either copy the data related to a specific contractor to another location or filter the data in place.


3) If your data is formatted as an Excel Table, you can insert a Slicer based on the Contractor field and if you select a contractor from the Slicer, the table will display the data related to the selected contractor in the Slicer.


I used the Advanced Filter and it worked great.

Because I'm a newbie, I did need to click on the help icon in the Advanced Filter dialog box and it walked me through the process easily. 
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! 



You're welcome! Glad I could help.

You may close your question now after accepting my post as an answer if it was helpful to resolve your issue.