selecting filled comboboxes

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Excel VBA: I have a list with 4 colums and up to 100 rows. and I want click on 1 filled combobox, that shows the right row in the other comboboxes. and second question: when I open one combobox i want click on the content with the  neter button to show another userform. when I am finish with that, i want choose the userform: bakct o the same combobox choose another row or back to other comboboxes. and other isue: I have a scroll bar, wich i want use as a timeline with comand buttons. starting stopping, faster and slower and in a label I want show the content of the year. and in a textbox, I want choose the year that the scrol bar jumps automatic to this year and show the content of the label. and hyperlink: when I choose a hyperlink with the right mouse button, I want make sure, that the goal cell dont change, when I delete or set a cell, row or colum in the same sheet.

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