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Hi All.

I have a situation where I need to place an image on the same cell in ~100 worksheets. I would also like to assign a simple macro to the image to open PrintPreview for that worksheet.

I got the looping sorted its selecting the image with the macro assigned where I am getting stuck, it’s somewhere in defining the object I am having problems with.

Any ideas please?

Many thanks.


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Why not making it complicated and just put the PrintPreview icon in the QAT?


Thanks but whats the QAT?
Sorry just realised, my bad. Because I want the display to only show the invoice, no menus or toolbars.
My version of Excel shows the menu and the QAT during PrintPreview. Did you program another version of PrintPreview?
No, my version is not showing either of those, just normal PP with usual options.


There are two items which could be added to Toolbar (former QAT) - "Print Preview and Print" and "Print Preview Full Screen". The latest shows both the ribbon section and Toolbar, the former - not.