selecting a range of cells starting with the ActiveCell

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I am using "find" to locate the first empty cell in a column. From that "ActiveCell" I would like to clear the contents of the next 400 cells below it. I set up a for next loop but it is extremely slow. Dim cnt as integer for cnt= 1 to 400 ActiveCell.clear ActiveCell.offset(cnt-1,0) next cnt This works and clears all the cells below the last empty one, but again it's very slow. Is there a way I can refer to the entire range of cells below the first empty one without looping. Something like ActiveCell:ActiveCell.offset(100,0).clear I know this won't work, but was wondering if there is a way I can do it. I'm using Micorsoft365 family. Thanks, Jim

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Range(ActiveCell, ActiveCell.Offset(400)).Clear

That worked! Thanks so much for your help