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I want to know if it's possible to select and modify several occurences on google sheet in a cell,

indeed i have this formule which i create but i want to change the selection i made in a formule, i want to modify all (C3:E30 to another selection like E3:G30)


If you know something about that i will apreciate this ^^

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First I have to say your message is very hard to understand. I know there are many people who are not English speakers but at least make sure you give us something to understand so that we can help you.
2nd the image you posted is useless. You can't see what is happening. Take a small section that shows what you wan to happen. Make sure that the image is sharp and shows all what anyone attempting to help you see and understand.

OK now lets make sure I do understated your question correctly:
You want to change the values of cells from something to something else. If that is correct look at the Find and Replace functions. Look here as a starting point:

If you want to to change a PART of a cell value from something to something different then look into the SUBSTITUTE function. Look here for examples.

If its the formula you want to change, copy the text of the formula and paste it into Microsoft Word and use Find and Replace in Microsoft Word.

I would definitely suggest to use Named Ranges in such long and complex formulas. Look here for examples:

And 3rd WHY are you posting in a Microsoft Excel forum a question that involves Google Sheets???

Maybe you should use Microsoft Excel!!!

Hope this helps!