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I want to reach out to a population that has donated $200.00 or more. How can I populate in order for that formula to happen?

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Please provide much more detailed and specific information.



Your request is a bit ambiguous, notably the "how can I populate" part. But I've made some assumptions and created the attached as an example--only that--of how one might approach this.



On the left there's a table in columns A-C that you would, to use your term, "populate" with a history of donations, dates, names and amounts. In the center, a formula extracts the unique names in column F and then another formula in G provides the total given by each person....this allows for someone like Tom, in the example, to be counted as over the designated lower limit, even though no single gift was over that limit.


Then I use conditional formatting to highlight those amounts. Showing them all gives you the ability to note that someone like Francis, in the example, is only one dollar short of the limit.


To give extra flexibility, I use cell I3 as a spot where you can change your lower boundary, should you want to,

@eprice1910 Just in case it's not obvious, in the real world, you'd want something more reliably individual, especially if you have a large donor list, than name. Even first and last names can be duplicated in large populations. So you'd want to use donor IDs that are unique, and associate them with names. That would be slightly more complex than my example, but basically still follow the same procedure.