seeking guidance phrasing my questions so I can use help files

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I have spent hours using the help files for a project I am working on.  However, since I am so new to excel, I don't know how to phrase my questions so I can use help files.  I am trying to create a template I can use for a source with my mail merge documents.  In addition to the standard name, address etc., I want the ability to customize with making selections from drop downs.  I also want to use some of the info I select in a different source.  I have been able to figure out how to add drop downs as well as replicate entries so I can use elsewhere...  but I am trying to take it one step further and have no idea how to ask the questions!  I don't mind doing the work and figuring out "how" by using the help files, but I don't know the right term/function/feature names to find the process in help.  I don't know if that makes any sense!  I am including a dummy version of what I want to do and what questions I need help phrasing so I can find the answers.  ANY GUIDANCE IS EXTREMELY APPRECIATED!  I just need to figure out how to attach my sample excel doc so this makes sense.  :\

learning excel.xlsx

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I have made some changes and added some comments. Hope that helps?

compatible @"When seeking assistance from help files, it's crucial to frame your questions in a clear and concise manner to maximize the chances of finding relevant information. Begin by identifying the specific issue or task you need help with. Then, break down your query into specific keywords or phrases that accurately describe the problem or topic. Avoid using vague language and instead opt for precise terms that are likely to appear in the help documentation. Additionally, consider providing context or background information to help the system understand your query better. By formulating your questions thoughtfully and precisely, you can streamline the process of navigating help files and quickly locate the information you require."

Thank you so much! I REALLY appreciate your help! Yeah, I wanted the drop down to be a single word vs the entire text I need to use. What I want to populate are entire paragraphs, so I wanted the drop down to be a simple association without having to read 20 different paragraphs. Do you know if that is even possible?

@mpalone111777 You can pull other information from adjacent columns using the XLOOKUP function. Check out Help. You would add a column to the table the current validation is pulling the short string from to hold the long strings.