Securing Excel with No Save as option

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Hi there, 


I have an excel workbook which I would like to be read only for others but I also do not want them to be able to save as.

We tested this morning - protected the workbook, made a change and could save the document.  Others need to be able to read only and that's all.  

Any help would be great.



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The 'Password to Modify' option found in File | Save As | Browse | Tools | General Options prevents the workbook from being overwritten (e.g. Can't save with the same name). It forces the user to use Save As to create their own copy. To disable Save As, I believe you'd need some sheet level code to interrupt the Save As event. It's possible, but then again, someone could always choose to not enable the code to run.

The best solution may be to use security of the location that's storing the workbook. If the workbook is stored in the cloud, a workaround could be to make the file 'view only' and disable downloads.
Thank you Patrick, unfortunately it still asks for a password even to read-only - as the document is shared, we'd like them to be able to open as normal but not be able to edit and then save as. I did try it a couple different ways - but could be doing something wrong. I know with Word you can go to File and there's a button to click that says read only.

Unfortunately, we aren't quite on the cloud yet but headed there.