Second Needed Formula, This Time For Forecasting

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I came to a second formula that I cannot figure out. I got a great resolution to the first one, and I am thinking this will be easier. I am great with the basics but this is beyond me. 


SImple enough, and I am using numbers from last month for an example.. 


Selling Days - 26

Selling Days Completed - 22

Monthly Forecast - 13 units

Delivered MTD - 9


To be on pace for the monthly forecast of 13, I need a formula that gives me the number I should have after the 22 days. In this case, I know it to be 8, 3, 11 top to bottom - I just cannot get there with the spreadsheet)


Selling Days26         
Selling Days Completed22         
  Daily SoldMonth-To-DateTo Be On Forecast*Month Forecast     
  DeliveredTrack %       
 New783%         ???10     
 CPO279%         ???3     
 Total982%         ???13     

should be*

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Hi @baronjosefr ,

It is a little hard to tell from your description what is needed.
However, I think this is the formula you are looking for: