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Please tell me, which function should I use to automatically get data from the previous rows with the same direction?


which function should I use to get data from previous rows automaticly.png

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That could be like

=XLOOKUP(D26&F26&G26, D:D&F:F&G:G, H:H)

Hi Sergei,
Wow! Thanks for your super-fast reply!
It works!!

But how to "connect" this mechanism with columns: "K;L;M;N" so they would "update/copy" previous inputs too?

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You may repeat formula in each column, e.g. in K

=XLOOKUP(D26&F26&G26, D:D&F:F&G:G, K:K)

or use in K

=XLOOKUP(D26&F26&G26, D:D&F:F&G:G, K:N)

but cells to the right shall be empty since the latest returns spill.

Thanks a lot!
I got it and already "upgraded" a bit for my everyday use.

@Janis_K1 , you are welcome.


As a comment, in general better to use not entire columns like K:K, but some ranges like $K$2:$K$1000, but all of them shall be of the same size. That's in case of performance issues.

This was my next question.=))
Thank you!