Searching/Finding specific text in field and including them

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I have a row with ad names like "Video_8_2021-12-01 12:00:29" or "Video_7_2021-12-01 12:00:29".

I want to make a new row only with the real names like "Video_8" or "Video_7".

Currently it is only possible for me to do it, with one row. This is my function currently 


Do you know how I can solve my problem and do it for alle rows and use a  function so that in the end there is the row like:


Thank you and best regards

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@jeffraybo Have a look at the attached file. It will translate into German when you open it.


Screenshot 2021-12-17 at 15.08.41.png


As done in the attached file you can manually type "Video_8" in cell c6 and then apply flashfill by pressing ctrl+E.

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thank you, this is pretty cool!
thank you! this is really helpful.

but I dont know if I really understand the function.

So the function is looking for the "_" sign after the 7 letters on the left side?
and -1 so that the "_" isnt in the a field included or?

@jeffraybo Precisely. Personally, I favour such a formula over Flash Fill. But that's just my own preference.


In addition to @Riny_van_Eekelen comment. FlashFill, especially on relatively large or not well structured data could give incorrect results. It have to check carefully what is returned by FlashFill to be sure result is correct.