Searching de KG based on the match of the order reference in two different tabel

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Hi all, 
I need your help with a formula in excel.
I'm using the formula to find the correct KG base by the order reference number on the tabblad B. 
 (in English) =IF.ERROR(V.LOOKUP(I2;'TabbladB'$F$2:$G$22;2;FALSE);"NO DATA")
  (in NL)       =ALS.FOUT(VERT.ZOEKEN(I2;TabbladB'$F$2:$G$22;2;ONWAAR);"NO DATA")

Does exist another formula to search this?

Tabblad A


tabblad B (transport company where is the correct KG)




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The attached version demonstrates three different formulas. "Formula 2" will only work in Excel in Microsoft 365 and Excel 2021.