Searchable Dropdown Lists on Multiple Rows

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Is the following possible? I have not found a solution.


I'm building an order form in Excel 365. I need to use the same source table for drop down lists on multiple rows. The number of rows needs to be easily expandable (copy and paste), so a combo box is not an option. The drop down list needs to fill multiple columns on each row. Additionally, the drop down list needs to be searchable, as the source table will contain thousands of entries.


There are plenty of solutions online using a combo box, but the multi-line, expandable requirement seems to rule this out. Or maybe I'm just missing something. Can anyone suggest a solution for this?

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You should be able to pull this off with just one combobox, which is moved into position above the current cell every time. That way, there is no limit as to how many rows the sheet has. Not sure what you mean with filling multiple columns.
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Try a free Excel add-in called “Search deList”.
It works like this:
In any cell that has data validation (with List type) pressing ALT+RIGHT will open a searchable combobox.
Type some keywords to search, separated by a space, e.g "ma la"
The list will be narrowed down as you type.
Hit ENTER to sent the value to active cell.
You don't need VBA, so you can save your workbook as .xlsx.

image Search deList.jpg
You can find it here:

Well, this looks promising. I'll check it out. Thanks, Cangkir.
Good call, Cangkir. This will work quite nicely. Thank you.


You're welcome.