Searchable drop-down lists in beta version of desktop

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Hello - First time posting here... I'm using the following desktop version:


Version 2204 (Build 15121.20000 Click-to-Run)

Beta Channel


I'm wondering about the availability of searchable drop-down lists. There are people in the beta channel who have this  feature, and I keep updating hoping it'll be in there, but so far no luck...  Am I missing something? Can anyone give me some info on this? 



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Hello? Sorry, can someone please tell me if I'm  posting in the wrong place? Or what I could do to get some feedback on this?


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New functionality for Beta is deployed granularly. On first flight only some percent of beta users are covered. It could take from few days to few months before everyone on Beta receives it. In some cases functionality could be re-called if negative impact appears.

Kind of lottery. Actually the code for new functionality is within your build, the only it is not activated.

Thank you Sergei!

@JP556 , you are welcome. Hope you'll have it soon.

Hi @Sergei Baklan, is this specific to devices? Ie I have the exact same versions / builds on 3 different laptops which I use the same account for. However this function only work on 1 of the 3 devices.


It's still Beta and most probably still partially deployed. Thus it could be only 1 from 3.


In subscription model build number doesn't matter.  Same build only means you have same bits within it, but that doesn't mean exactly the same functionality is activated for each instance of the build.

@Sergei Baklan

I have Excel 365 (Version 2303 Build 16.0.16227.20168) and this feature is not available yet or I don’t know what I am missing to activate it because my dropdown lists are still not searchable. My update channel is set on Current (preview).
Does someone know when public could use this feature ?


Sorry, have no idea. Afraid it's still on Beta.

I made it work. I repaired the file then it worked.