Search values and pull rows from this table.

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Hi guys,


What is the best solution for me to search a name in the table and copy/pull these rows with these names below and add in a different sheet.


For example

Sheet 1

column A ( I have few names)

Jaime                                          18, UAT                        111111-0000  




Sheet 2 -

column A ( I have few names)   Column B ( address) C ( Telephone)


Jaime                                          18, UAT                        111111-0000  

Kristian                                        10, Br                            000000-000000

Paula                                            1 Buckingham Palace     1000-000000




I have 5000 records in the sheet 2

I want to take all rows with those names Jaime, Kristian and Paula that are in the sheet1 and search all these names in the sheet 2 and when they found this name  take the rows and add these rows in a different sheet. What is the best way to search these names from the Sheet1 and pool the information from the table sheet2 and add in the sheet3 ?


I really appreciate if you can help me.





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Please click and read this Link, will help us all to find a solution for you.

Otherwise we need too much time to explore the issue.

Time what we can invest in other issues.

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