Search part text in different columns and add 1 to return value

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Hi I'm trying to make a search options for finding id codes [columnA] of material [columnB] and type [columnC] options. The value return can be from two different columns. But also the entered search word i don't want it to be exact.

The result is a list of ID codes of all materials or type containing parts of the search word.

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With a combination of this synthaxis 




 It returns only value looked up in column B. Even if part of the tekst is found in column C.

and add 1

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I used 

(X.ZOEKEN(C2;Materialen!B:B;Materialen!A:A;(X.ZOEKEN(C2;Materialen!C:C;Materialen!A:A;"Probeer iets anders";2;1));2;1))

to have it searched in both columns. That works. But only if its exact that word. 

And still I don't know how to implement this in the above formula so the result is a list of ID codes.


Thank you. 

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@YuanTSC Since your Excel version supports dynamic array functions, use FILTER as the main function to achieve what you want. Example workbook attached. The formula I used should translate into Dutch automatically when you open it. Hopefully it helps you find a solution for your real schedule.