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My excel file contains substances (e.g. "A"), which have multiple comma-separated labels in a single cell (e.g. "H311, H331, H207, R22). The labels correspond to 2 tables and each label has a category value.

I am trying to find the highest category value that is found for each substance.


See Example file


I have no idea if this is possible. Your help is greatly appreciated.


I am a MS 365 user on Windows 11.

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Try below formula. See the attached file.





@Harun24HRThank you for your quick reply! I would have never been able to come up with this solution. One problem though: when the maximum label is category 1, the output is 0 instead of 1.

0 instead of 1.png


You do not have R200 in any label of tables. So, how it would be 1? Can you please explain.


Apologies, I meant to say (and type) H200. Even then the problem persists, the formula produces a 0 instead of 1. Do you know a solution?
0 instead of 1.png


Because you have trailing space after data in first table (Column A). I have removed those. Check the attached file to this comment.


Thank you very much for this great solution!