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hi what a formula may I use to extract from a set of number the 10 (or more or less) that returs a given sum? thanks

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Use the SUM function to sum numbers in a range

You can use a simple formula to sum numbers in a range (a group of cells), but the SUM function is easier to use when you’re working with more than a few numbers. For example =SUM(A2:A6) is less likely to have typing errors than =A2+A3+A4+A5+A6.


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thanks@NikolinoDE for your kind reply. my question was not correct or clear enought. i've found a way using the "excel added function(?)" RISOLUTORE in italian maybe SOLVER (matrix. product.sum) in english.

now I've to find a way how to set the as added restriction to the bin column: the sum has to be 10 (that is: among the given set of 40 numbers the solver has to give me the 10 numbers that give me the target number I've put in) this should reduce the possible solutions to the most likely.