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I am constantly scrolling over and back (ctrl+arrow) to a point on a spreadsheet. Just a thought (and no clue if this is in the right forum or place just needed to get it off my chest) but wouldn't it be nice if you could add a number of "tabs" to the scroll bar to jump to a designated point, something as simple as how you add tabs the ruler in MS word.

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Just checking...are you aware that you can use (on a Mac) the key combination of Command + Right arrow to jump to the end of a row....Command + Down to go to the bottom of a column? I think on a Windows PC the comparable key combo is something like Ctrl + arrow....


I find those keyboard shortcuts every bit as convenient as the tab settings in Word.

@mathetes yes I do use the Ctrl and the arrow keys, I have specific columns set up to enable me to land or stop at a designated section. I have grouped data too, to hide info when not in use , which does the job for now.



Spreadsheet/Workbook design can be tricky, especially when you're processing lots of data. Designing for easy and convenient navigating from section to section is particularly tricky. Most internet documents on the topic just talk about keyboard shortcuts. This attached is one I've found useful, although it's more about the integrity aspect of spreadsheet design, but a part of that is how all of the parts fit together, which relates to getting around......