Scrolling doesnt work on a few sheets

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My problem is that on specific sheets in my excel file I can’t scroll up and down using the mouse wheel.


-it works on other sheets in the file

-up and down arrows do work

-scrollbar works

-no panes frozen

-no scroll lock

-scrolling enabled in settings

-when my coworker opens the file, she can scroll using the mouse wheel

-reopening the file doesn’t fix the problem.


Seems to be a bug that only comes up for me. Any suggestions? 

Thanks a lot in advance

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I've had this happen before. I had to create a new tab and copy the data. you might be able to copy the tab and have it work, but it's best to just create a new one. It appeared to be a glitch in the tabs formatting. When I copied the format it would sometimes copy the glitch.
When this happens, I recommend totally resetting all views in the sheet. This includes removing filters (Not only clearing but removing), unfreezing panes, and changing the view away from the present. If you're in Normal view, go to Page Break Preview then back to Normal.
I'm having this same issue...

It's randomly appeared in excel files that up until now worked fine, and they haven't been edited.

Freeze panes aren't causing it and it's not as simple for us to just recreate/copy the data to a new sheet.

Does anyone have any knowledge or advice for this bug?

A lot of people are running into this. It seems to be related to setting panes to freeze, it acts like the scroll lock is stuck. What's worse sometimes i can click on a cell, but a different one is selected. Like the mouse has an offset. Works fine on menus, other programs, but not on the sheet.

Close and re-open doesn't fix it. Sometimes removing the "freeze panes" helps, but this bug is BAAAAAADDDD I can't believe someone at Microsoft hasn't run into it.

I'm having the same issue. It has happened twice already in different files. Hey Microsoft it's time to give a solution for this!!!