Scatter Plot with different colored points

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@msm66  - here is that example file with the formulas to pull out data sets and sample scatter plot with those different series and hence different color (or other) formatting for each set of points

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Thanks @marler
What if the value is string not int?
The "FILTER" function would still working?
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@msm66  absolutely.  In that attached sheet you can use any 'color vals' to group the points and then in row 1 you just enter the corresponding category number/text/name/etc... at the top of that group (E1, G1, I1) and you can create more sub-sets by copying the top 4 cells of any sub-set (e.g. D1:E2) to a new pair of columns and then copy the NAME formats in the name manager to add names for the new columns and then add the corresponding data sets onto the graph.

This is all totally irrelevant to my question. Is there any way to communicate with you folks?


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