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Hi Guys, i was seeing if you could please help me out. I use excel to print invoices for my business. I use a template to enter customer info and then print the invoice. Recently i noticed that when i print, the bottom is getting cut off. In the print preview it shows it all fits on one page and i do not get any errors. i can print an old invoice that uses the same template and it prints just fine, but all my new invoices with the exact same template all have the bottom cut off. i have tried to adjust margins and change paper size, but nothing has helped. can someone please point me in the right direction.

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Printer does not print everything - different causes possible.

Redefine the printing area in advance.

Select the print area with the mouse button pressed ... then, Page layout-> Print area-> Define print area.

The line break in the line / cell that was not printed out could also not have been clicked.


One could speculate about a lot more, like printer drivers, possible Windows and Office updates and much more.

It is best to send a photo or the file (without sensitive data), ideally where the error can be reconstructed.

Knowing the Excel version and operating system would also help you a little more to come up with an accurate solution proposal.


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You may try to play with this option