Saving Name Manager Forumlas

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I am new to working in excel in a professional setting.


I've been given a shared document and I've used the "Forumulas-->NameManger" functionality to create some handy forumlas to count color ids . 

However, when i go to save this, i get a warning about macros not being enabled and i need to change the file type. When I reopen this file, all my macros are gone.
Since I have zero authority over this file, and cant very well demand everyone switch to a new one with a different file extension, I need some kind of work around, so I can reapply these macros to the shared document or have them persist through saves.

I've done some googling, about macros under Developer-->Record Macro , but that seems to be something entirely different, and this naming convention is inhibiting my ability to troubleshoot my exact problem.




Thanks for any advice you can provide.

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You will need to save as a macro enabled file (.XLSM) as a regular format (.XLSX) can not store / run macros.  In the Save As dialogue box, just choose this format and it should be fine on reopening.

Hey @Charla74 ,

Thanks for the reply, 

but as I tried mentioning, I dont have the authority to tell people to all stop working on the .xlsx and switch to my xlsm.


So im wondering if there is any work around, like if I can save those macro's locally on my machine and reapply them everytime i open the document?

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Sure! You can record / save / import the macros in your Personal! (.xlsb) file, which means they are available in the Excel app, rather than in a specific workbook.


Thanks for the answer. Even I saved my file as .xlsm or .xlsb still after I open I am getting the formulated cell as blocked