Saving graphs as figure

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Friends of mine can save their graphs as figures, but I don't get the option when on rightclicking my mouse. How do I also get this option to save graphs as figures? Does it have to do something with Add-ins?

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This is not a built-in feature of Excel.

ASAP Utilities (free for home use) has an option to save a chart as a picture.

Alternatively, copy and paste the chart into a PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint does have a 'Save as Picture...' option in the context menu of charts.


Depends on your version of Excel, option exists at least on Current channel on Excel 365 for Windows desktop.

@Sergei Baklan 

Ah - I didn't know that. The option isn't available in Excel in Office 2019 ProPlus.

@Hans Vogelaar 

Yes, it's relatively new, thus for 365 only. Hope it will be in coming Excel 2021.