Saving Excel freeze panes as HTML

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Using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 on a Windows 7 box.


I have a spreadsheet with a ton of data.  I want to distribute it to the team, but don't want to allow update.  Yes, I could make it read-only, but saving it to HTML gives me the best user experience by displaying the data in their browser.  The file is a .xlsm file and I have placed an index on it.  The index page displays perfectly and all the hyperlinks work correctly.  However, I would like to retain the freeze pane settings for each sheet so the headers stay put, and occasionally the 1st column stays put when scrolling to the right.   I've searched and mostly come up with how to freeze panes; I know how to do that.   I edit the html file in NotePad++ and found a few references to '<x:FreezePanes>'  but don't understand where to put it.  I attempted to put it one one sheet, but it corrupted the html and I was unable to make it work.   Not familiar with editing Excel as html, other than just standard markup.   Any assistance would be fantastic.  Thank you in advance.

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