Saving Excel File to CSV

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Could anyone please help with a solution to the date change when saving an Excel File to a CSV file, the date originally was 22/06/2020, when checking the CSV file the date has changed to 06/22/2020

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Hi @Phil-365,

Try the following...

Format your cell as Date, in "Local (Location)" change whatever you have for "English (United Kingdom)" and select the top entry in type which should give you a format of DD/MM/YYYY.

Then input the date you want and save your file as csv and you should be good to go.

In the screenshot below I opened the csv in notepad to show you the result overlay on top of the Excel spreadsheet.





Hi Bernard Thanks for your help

I will attempt your solution the next time i add data to the list

Just out of curiosity a little more information I record wildlife data which is stored in Excel in a file, which i have attached for you.

This file is created automatically by a program i have written in Excel VBA when the information is collected the Save routine at the end saves the file first as an Excel workbook, then as a CSV file, it is then that the date changes from dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyyu