Saving and keeping template but creating a new document in Excel

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I have a template. I want to make a copy of the template so I can use it to add data in. How do I make a copy of the template?
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If it is a real Excel template (.xltx or .xltm), double-click it in file Explorer to create a new workbook based on the template.

If it is an Excel workbook (.xlsx, .xlsm or .xlsb) that you want to use as a template, select it in File Explorer, right-click it and select New from the context menu.

Thank you for your answer but now I have another question. What do you mean by save it in File Explorer?


If you are using Windows, File Explorer is the program in which you view files and folder; you can start it by pressing Windows key+E.

If you are using a Mac, the equivalent is the Finder.

Navigate to the template file in File Explorer or Finder, then follow the steps in my first reply.