Saving a formula

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I created a spread sheet and added formulas for each line, when I open the form and click on a line to add a cost, the formula opens in that tile. When I back space, the full formula goes with it. Please open the attached form and help me get this sorted. Thank you so much for the help. The formula should save somehow so that totals can be added without having to update the formula every time. 

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@jmcdonald24gmailcom What do you mean by "the formula opens in that tile"? and what with "the full formula goes with it"?

Opened your file and added some expenses based on how I understood it should be done. Had no problems. 

Thank you. I guess I was over thinking it. When you add expenses, if you delete the total instead of the expense, it takes out the formula for that row. i just have to let people know to be careful not to delete total but to change the expense to get a new figure.