Saving a Format

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Can anyone help, I'm trying to save a particular format for a complete sheet, which would save me having to repeat over and over again, is this possible in Excel?? if so how??

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Hi @kiwibloke61 


It depends on the format you are doing.

You might record a macro before you start the formatting for the fist time, then you just need to run the macro to repeat all the formatting steps for you.

To start recording the macro:

From View tab -->Macros group--> click on Macro--> Record Macro

Give it a name and create a shortcut, and make sure to store the macro in " Personal Macro workbook" then click OK

Now the macro will start recording your format on the sheet, just do the formatting you want to repeat them.

Once you are done, stop the recording, from the View tab --> Macros group-->Macro--> Stop Macro.


Now, when you want to apply the same format, just use the short cut you create for the macro, or from View tab--> Macros group -->view macros --> choose your macro --> Run



thanks@Jihad Al-Jarady for the advice.