Saving a color in Excel

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I cant figure out why Excel does not save a color chosen from the "More Colors" and keep it saved in "Recent Colors".   I have a few colors that are not standard for text and cell fill colors.  Each time I open my excel data sheet, the colors previously selected and shown in the "Recent Colors" have all gone away so I have to find them again.  Why can't Excel save all colors in an existing worksheet in case the user wants to use the same color on a different cell and save them so that one could easily click them.

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When you specify desired color by clicking on More Colors in the Fill and Font colors, you will always see the specified colors in the Recent Colors bell Theme and Standard Colors respectively.


Hi @CRW7878 ,


if you use the same custom colors repeatedly, you can create a style. Styles can store number formats, alignment font (including color), border and fill. 


Select a cell that has the formatting you want to preserve, then click click the drop-down arrow in the styles gallery and select "New Cell Style". Enter a name for the style.


The next time you would like a cell to be formatted that way, just select the style from the styles gallery.


You can also quickly copy styles between workbooks by copying and pasting styled cells.


I have had the same issue for quite some time. I work with a couple Excel files in which the developers have the used custom fill colors that display in the Fill Color drop down each time the most recent version is opened, saved as a new Excel file name, and opened the next time.


I have some of my Excel files that use three Custom cell fill colors. However, after the file is saved, and reopened, the Custom cell fill colors are not shown in the drop down.


How does one get Custom cell fill colors to save with the file?

I had this issue, but I realise it was in a .XLS file. When I save it as .XLSX, the Recent Colors were retained.
@MG_63 jep, pay attention how u save your file