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I am using the latest version of Windows 11. I have been working on Excel offline usual default cloud saving settings for several day due to a major power cut. When I finished my work and closed files Excel did its usual do you want save changes so yes I did. It said files would be saved locally due to no internet connection. However when power and internet was restored my changes seem to be gone. No up to date versions available and no unsaved work available either. Is there any chance my work has been saved in a discreet place on my computer?


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Assuming this is OneDrive, have you checked your OneDrive synch settings?

@Jan Karel Pieterse

Thanks for your reply. I do use my OneDrive. The syc setting appear to be fine. When  I closed my Excel files offline it said OneDrive would try syc file the next time I opened the file but it just opened my last saved OneDrive files with no sign of my work I did offline.

Wild stab at this: If you open one of those files and click on the filename in the title bar, you should be able to click "Version history". Perhaps your last edits are still there?
Thanks, no sign of my offline work in "version history". Looks like the work is gone. I don't know what I did wrong, office is usually quite foolproof. I opened and closed the files fine whilst offline but once online OneDrive seemed to takeover and automatically opened the last online version and no sign of my most recent work. I'm used to working offline and if the files don't match I get the option of which file I use but not in this case. 🤷‍ I did print off most of my work so not catastrophic, I will just have to type it out again to get it back on my laptop.
Thank you again.