Save Excel range to Access Database

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Hello everyone!


I have an Excel project that gathers data in a range (example: A2: J2). I need this range to be copied and inserted into an Access table.


I know how to do this to insert the range in another spreadsheet, but I want to move my projects to something more robust, like Access. What should I do?

I have already created a table in Access that I believe is correct, however, I am grateful if you can provide me with extra tips.

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Haven't used Access in years, decades actually. I have to imagine that there's a simple File....Import option in Access. And probably an equally simple File....Export...  probably to CSV format, in Excel. Take a look under each program's File menu for things along those lines.

@mathetes sorry, an important detail was missing: Imagine that this Excel spreadsheet works as a register, in which a user will fill in and that the values ​​entered must be transported to Access.



Again, I haven't used Access in decades. You're using Access, according to your first message, because it is "more robust." Is there some reason, then, why the data entry can't be done directly into Access? Why is the entry into Excel--if it's only data entry--even a necessary step.


I'm sure there's an Access community corresponding to this one for Excel--may I suggest you pose the question there? I'd be surprised if it weren't possible to dispense with Excel as a component in your process of data collection.


Although it's also possible--entirely possible--that another person here in the Excel techcommunity will have a solution for you.