Sale Forecast vs Weather


Is my first interaction w the community. Tks for your attention.

I work at a water park and I am trying to develop a sheet to forecast the quantitie of visitors to the next 15 and 30 days.

I believe the important datas to use in this case are:


Historic datas how : date ; quantitie of visitor ; weather ; hollidays ; day of the week ; price;

And future datas : date ; weather forecast ; holidays ; day of the week ; price;


Someone can help me in this mission?


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What you're attempting to do is not an easy task.


You'd go a long way to helping us help you if you started by posting a sample of the historical data you have, in the form of a spreadsheet. You needn't reveal the actual location (which might be proprietary), but seeing how you've laid that existing data out could help me (or, ideally, somebody more experienced than I in statistical analysis and projection) make recommendations on how to proceed.


Otherwise, the most you can expect is general (and therefore less helpful) suggestions.