Salary for employees issue

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Dear all
Need help to make salaries of employees
I have to maintain 100 employee salaries but facing issue
1 sheet I have details all earnings and deductions
2 sheet have 9 different GL account for deductions and net & gross salary
Please guide how can I do this

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With your permission, if I may recommend you.
Add a photo or file (without sensitive data) of your project / problem, explain your project step by step on the basis of this file / photo, so that you could get a more precise solution proposal much faster.
If you are not allowed to insert a photo or file, I recommend that you write down step by step where, how, what and how you want to accomplish.

Knowing your Excel version and your operating system will help immensely in the search for a solution.


Thank you for your understanding and patience



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Thank you so much it's good to share photo than I can the right solution
Can you please share your email , I tried to upload photo but there is no option to attach photo or something