Russia map chart not displaying properly

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Hi - does anyone have a workaround for this? I made a map chart to display data for Russia's regions. Some data are not displaying properly (see chart). I have inputted data for all regions. While Excel correctly recognises Krasnoyarsk Kray (the big region in the middle that is left gray), it does not display the data on the map. Moreover, some administrative borders (e.g. the border that cuts Kamchatka in half) do not exist any more and while Excel seems to know that (when I hover over the gray part, it displays the data point as "Kamchatka", but it still won't color it in (and since that territory does not exist independently any more, there is nothing I can input that will make Excel color that part). There are three more problematic parts: Ust-Ordinsk and Aginsk (Excel recognizes them as part of the region surrounding them, but won't color them in), and the Komi-Permyak District which it does not recognise (as it should) as part of the Perm Kray. 


Grateful for any advice!

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This tool is not reliable. It's quite sensitive to all names - columns headers, names of places, order of records. If play with them sometimes that helps. 

I checked with Krasnoyarsk Krai -  back in 2007 it was joined with Taymyr and Evenk Okrugs. But chart engine doesn't care and show Krasnoyarsk Krai as former Evenk Okrugs


Chart shows it together with Taymyr Okrug


but I didn't find a way to show all 3 together (more exactly one relatively new krai).


Perhaps some workaround could be found for other places if you have time to play with them. In any case, better to send a frown with this, Microsoft follows them.