Runtime error popup hiding in Mission Control - not accessible

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I'm running Excel and VBA on a Mac with a couple of screens.  If I receive any type of Runtime error popup, it does not appear on either of the screens as an overlay on my worksheet or VBE.  I can locate the runtime message by pressing the Mission control key F3 and select the message by clicking the mouse on it or pressing space.  However, none of the buttons (End, Debug etc) are functional when clicking on them.  The box just minimises and I'm stuck on the error. How do I take control of the box and progress by acknowledging the error?  Esc doesn't work here either.

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I am running into the exact same issue with MS Office 2019 running on MacOS Catalina (10.15.7) MacBook Pro!


I'm running Office 365 V16.47 & Catalina 10.15.6

I've narrowed down the scenario a little.  I have two monitors with one the Excel sheets and the other the VBE.  If I run a macro with a code error from the Excel directly (ie a shape with the macro assigned to it) the error debug popup appears on over the Excel sheet.  No problems, press debug and off we go correcting the code.


If I run the macro from the arrow in the VBE, the same error debug occurs but isn't visible on either of the monitors, behind either Excel or the VBE applications.  If F3 (the Mission Control feature) is pressed, the error debug box appears where it can be selected as the active application (by mouse or spacebar) but then pressing on the debug/ end etc buttons only exists out of Mission Control.


Microsoft called me back after they fast tracked the issue but I couldn't take their call at the time and asked them to call me back later.  Instead, they just closed the case.  Good stuff Microsoft.


Sahobbi, can you try to emulate the above and tell me if the same scenario is tru for you too, please?


I'm going to get back to Microsoft as my feedback to reopen the case has fallen on a deaf ear.


@PhilskyInOz I have exactly the same issue, and it's been there since at least Office 2011 for Mac. Extremely frustrating. 

@PhilskyInOz Any news on this? Or workarounds? I've got the same problem.

June, 2022. Same issue. One external monitor connected to Mac with m1 silicon. Every pice of software is up-to-date. Ugh. Why quality of Microsoft software on macOS is so low.....