Running a macro to pull from multiple excel sheets

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Hello, I am new to Macros, but I am wanting to pull data from different workbooks into a single workbook that I already have set up.  Ultimately, I look at a lot of data and then transfer it over into a single "Master Sheet".  I currently do all of this manually and I know there has to be a simpler/quicker way to do this.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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this question is very vague and impossible to answer. Yes, you can use VBA for that, but nobody can help you write the code without knowing more about your data structure. And maybe what you want to achieve can even be done without VBA, either with formulas or with Power Query (Get & Transform).


So, post some more info about your data, maybe a sample file. Make sure not to post confidential data. Explain what you would like to achieve.

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