Runing total of last 365 days in pivot table

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Hello people,


I'm looking for a solution to add to the Pivot Table RUNNING TOTALS of sales over the LAST 365 DAYS. For example 1st April 2021 = SUM Sales 02.04.2020 and 01.04.2021. Simple file example attached.




Thank you in advance for your advice and tips.

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@PavelDrg Not sure but perhaps like in the attached file?


Thanks Riny, in principle I need this data, but in the pivot table/graph. Real data table is external with more than 100k rows. Can't go this way...
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I found the solution already, in the Measure based on this DAX:

Sales Moving Annual Total =
[Sales Amount],
MAX ( 'Date'[Date] ),


As variant

Running 365 Total:=
VAR maxDate =
    MAX ( Sales[Date] )
VAR minDate = maxDate - 365 + 1
        [Sales Total],
        ALLEXCEPT ( Sales, Sales[Date] ),
        Sales[Date] >= minDate
            && Sales[Date] <= maxDate

if build on the same table and without time intelligence.

Thank you Sergei!