Rows to Repeat at Top

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I have a table with about 300 rows of data and I am trying to repeat the top "header" row of the table on each page. Everything is greyed out and it won't let me change it. I opened a new workbook entirely and it is also greyed out.

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Hi! Excel is great, but functions are not always logically located. To "repeat rows at top:" 1) open your table 2) right click on any cell within your table 3) select "page set up" (usually it's at the very bottom of the menu that pops up 4) select the "arrow up" under "Print Titles" "Rows to repat at top" 5) this will minimize that little window & then you just select the row you want to show on each page 6) click on the "arrow down" 7) click "OK" To confirm the row is repeating like you want it, go into print preview & check it. Note: You can only select a whole row to repeat. You cannot select just a cell or group of cells. Hope this helps!
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@bjtorres I am very familiar with how to format and make sure that rows repeat at the top. The issue that i'm having is that the rows to repeat at top is greyed out and I cannot change it. I have followed just about every guide on the internet that I can find and am still unable to repeat the top rows on multiple pages.


Update: As of now, I can set the top row to repeat. Not sure what changed but I'm good to go now!