Row reference when rows inserted by external program

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Hello all. New member first post- 

I have an issue that does not make sense. We use Syspro accounting software and create excel sheets that pull data from the program. When it pulls data, it goes by stock code and pulls the entire row which includes things like qty on hand, inv. last 3 months, etc. Here is the issue; If I were to add a row in excel, the sheet that is referencing that row on either side would know what I did and follow the referenced cell/row. When we add new stock codes in Syspro software which automatically get inserted into new rows in the middle of the sheet, the sheet that is referencing, does not know, therefore all the references are off by as many rows and new lines were entered. 


How do I get the sheet doing the referencing to follow a certain row when it is shifted up or down as opposed to being locked on the original cell?

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Is it possible for you to post copies of the sheet(s) that you're describing? Post them on OneDrive or GoogleDrive, with a link pasted here that grants access.


So much will depend on how your data are it would be helpful to see both samples-- what you export from Syspro and what you've created in Excel.  If the real thing contains confidential or proprietary data, then make mockups or otherwise remove the identifiable data.