Roundoff values (not for decimals)

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I need to round off values based on my calculation to the next multiple of 10. For eg.. if my calculation returns a value 42 it should be rounded to 50, 58 to 60, 71 to 80.

How can this be done.

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@Rudrabhadra Let's say the number is in A1, then use this formula:

Thanks it works .... could you please help me how it works as we are giving -1...
Just out of curiosity ... how can we round it to multiple of 5 or 10... like if it is 43 to 45, 48 to 50, 51 to55...
Thanks in advance


It could be

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@Rudrabhadra Well, you ask for rounding up to the next 10. That's what -1 does. A -2 rounds to the next 100, -3 to the next 1000 and so on.


Rounding up to the next multiple of 5 would be:



And that, of course, works for every other multiple you would want to use.

Thanks a lot...