Rounding up number that is result of a 360date calculation

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I created a cell formula to calculate the number of months between 2 dates.

Date 1 - Date 2 = # of days / by 30 = # of months  


I have the date cells set to date. 

I have the final result cell set to number.


What I need to do, is round up the result, but I cannot figure out how to use the =c1/d1 I have seen in the other discussions.    

Today's Date:3/16/2022    
End  Date: 7/28/2022



Number of Months:

My result cell formula is: =DAYS360(B1,B2)/30

4.40 is the answer. 




I need to set this cell to round up to the next whole number.


Not sure where or how to add the quotient that I have seen:  "QUOTIENT =C1/D1"


do I make the result go to a non-visible cell? then add the Quotient to the final cell?  

and I'm really unclear how a quotient is supposed to replace ROUNDUP


Your help is appreciated.

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@tander21022 That would be 


This returns 5.