Rounding issue with Excel

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I have Microsoft 365 and I have a problem with calcuating from one column to another.  If I do a calculation such as =$1008.00(I19)*.434*103% and it equals $450.60 ea.  Then in my summary column which is 10(f19) x $450.60(j19) it is coming up with a total of $4505.96.  It looks like it is taking the first column to 3 decimal points instead of 2 so when it multiplies, I'm always high or low by a few cents on my quotes.  I have my formula set to Dollars and decimal point to 2.   I've read tons of blogs but can't find anything that addresses this issue.

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formatting of a cell is only how it is displayed and will not round off numbers. if you want to force it to 2 decimal places you have to add ROUND(the-value, 2) so in your example above (which doesn't make sense to me but: =ROUND($1008.00(I19)*.434*103% , 2) and this will for the result to actually be rounded to the cent not just viewed that way. Another option is in Excel options to force excel to round off to displayed precision but I don't recommend that way.

Thank you so much - that works.  I guess I did write it in a somewhat confusing way.  This has been frustrating me for YEARS!!!!