Rounding a result


I have the following formula in my Excel (Office 365) Budget file (=IFS(G5=7,I45,G5=8,J45,G5=9,K45,G5=10,L45,G5=11,M45,G5=12,N45)&" Due")

which has been working great for my needs. However, today when I opened the file, the result is being shown with 13 digits (ex: $123.4599999999999) after the decimal point (it hadn't been doing that before). I need to know how to round, preferabbly up, to 2 digits (ex: $123.46). I've tried diff formatting and nothing seems to change it.


PS: (G5 is the number of the month & (I - N 45) is a cash value that is diff in each month).


Thanks in advance!!!

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=ROUND(IFS(G5=7,I45,G5=8,J45,G5=9,K45,G5=10,L45,G5=11,M45,G5=12,N45),2)&" Due"


=ROUND(INDEX(C45:N45,G5),2)&" Due"

Worked perfectly!!!
Thank you!!!