Round up to nearest whole dollar on variable data

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Hello! Is there a way to set a field to round up to the nearest whole dollar when you don't know what the starting dollar amount will be? I don't believe ROUNDUP will work for this.


What's happening is that I'm taking a dollar amount (which is variable) and auto-calculating 3% of it. I need the resulting dollar amount (the 3% amount) to round up to the next whole dollar. It has to round UP. That part is key.


For example, 3% of $3,890 is $116.70, but I need a formula or setting that will return a result of $117.



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@juliejo I believe that ROUNDUP will actually do what you need.


Try =ROUNDUP(amount*percent,0)


Screenshot 2021-06-12 at 06.50.38.png