Round a cell in Excel according to another one

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I want to round a cell according another one, for example

0.54      12.47

0.4         50.7

Also if a cell's value is less than 1 I want to round it with 2 decimal number otherwise 1.


Thank you for your help!

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What you said does not match the numbers given.

If I can recommend him, add a file (without sensitive data) and explain it to this your concern.


Thanks for your time and patience.



@Nikolino Thank you for your answer. I made an exemple...The 2 first colums are from source and the 2 last ones are where I put the function. I use Excel in French so the funcions are in French. Globally all work but when I put a number like 2 in "source Mesure1" I don't have the same number of decimal in colum "measure2".

Hope it's clear