revert to original row order

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Hello, probably a dumb/obvious answer to this, however; I have a spreadsheet with rows ordered in a logical format for it's intended use. I want to be able to filter by one or more of the columns, when the reader/user knows a bit more about what they're looking for, to reduce visible rows. But I want the rows to jump back to original layout when filters are removed. 


I guess it could be done with a column for numbers for each row, however is there a feature I'm overlooking? 


Also (getting fussy!) would prefer to have one-row spaces between sections, at least in the original/unfiltered view. 


Thanks in advance 

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@DanBScott Filtering and unfiltering should not change the order of the data, but sorting will. So, when you want to be able to reset the sort order to its original state you indeed need an indexing column.


With respect to wanting an empty row between sections in a data set is generally a bad idea. It will make it more difficult to use some of Excel's built-in capabilities in case you ever want to create reports/summaries out of the whole data set.

thanks Riny