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Help! I opened up a new Excel sheet only to find the alphabetical column headings reversed - Column A was on the far right side of the screen. I don't know what I did, but can you help me to reset this so Column A is on the left? Thanks for any help you can give.

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In Excel Options you can select "from left to right" or "from right to left" as shown in the attached file. In german it is "von links nach rechts" or "von rechts nach links". After selecting "from left to right" close and open your spreadsheet.



I have the same problem as another poster. In Excel, the column orientation is 'right to left' instead of 'left to right'. I have tried changing the advanced options setting with no change. Any other possible solutions?

I have the same problem. I tried changing the options setting with no change.


I've tried again and it works for me. If i select "left to right" and confirm with "Ok" i can close Excel and then open Excel again and the default direction (Standardrichtung in german in the screenshot) is changed.

default direction.png


It depends on how do you create new file.  If within Excel File->New advanced options shall work. If in File Explorer -> New -> New Excel file, when it doesn't care about setting in options, at least some are ignored. Default font size, direction, etc could be different. Unfortunately I don't know from where such defaults are picked-up.